Thursday, 3 May 2007

"Swiss you..."

My little two year old has really started saying words and putting 2 to 3 words together. It is always so sweet, funny and heartwarming when you hear toddlers learning to speak. "Swiss you" is actually my son's way of saying BLESS YOU, after he hears someone sneeze! And this is quite an achievement because before this, if he hears someone sneeze he cracks up laughing....seriously, uncontrollable laughter which ends up with him getting hic-cups! The other day, we were shopping in our local supermarket and this lady let out a loud sneeze, oh boy, that was it oh! My son couldn't stop himself! the poor lady had to stop dead in her tracks and look at my son - (the hic-cups had started by this time) and said "are you laughing at me" (she was pretending to look very shocked! at least I hope so!)...His big sister, when she was his age was such a shy little thing, but oh no not him!

Anyway, remember in one of my earlier posts 'From the Heart....' I had mentioned that our landline was down due to us not having enough money to pay the bill! and I was sooooooo upset as I felt I would lose a lot of business! Well, landline is still down (should be up and running soon God willing) but I tell you I haven't had some much business come in at one time as it has over the last 2 weeks! PRAISE GOD.

Infact as we were waiting for my hubby's payday - by this time food was nearly non exsistant in the house etc, payday came and hubby calls me up on my mobile sounding very 'cheesed off' with the fact that 'there was no money in his account'. New policy in his hospital is for everyone to fill in timesheets - this is despite the fact that they are permanent staff!

Most of the staff had been ignoring it as it seemed so ludicrous! but payroll decided to get tough! I tell you, when even the things you rely on without even thinking, are suddenly not there for you, what do you do? You look up to God and say 'It is only you God that can get us through this' and he did. The clients that came through, didn't need my landline, they found other ways of getting in contact with me as they were either friends of friends or people that I was recommended to through others that knew of my cakes!

So I want to say a big thank you to all who sent me encouraging comments and a very big 'God Swiss You'... I mean 'God Bless You'

p.s: Sorry, no photo's of my cakes yet. The digital camara I've been using is really messing up, and to top that, right now it cannot be found, it's lerking around the house somewhere. So I've been using my daughter's snazzy mobile phone to take photos (hand me down from an Aunt of hers!) hoping to e-mail the images to our computer, but it's all been proving rather difficult... so until this picture taking saga has been sorted out, please have a browse of previous cakes from 'shop I'm very proud of' on top right hand side of this blog :-)