Tuesday, 29 January 2008

...if you ever need a pick me up

Jack Johnson is the man responsible for making me dust off my guitar and start practising again after many months of it sitting in a corner looking like some kind of additional room decoration!

He has such a warm voice. I play his 'sing-A-long & lullubies - Curious George album for our little one at night. Also listen to the lyrics of his songs, there is usually a message in some of them.

We really like Upside Down as the beat especially at the beginning makes us want to dance! His lifestyle and some of the things he writes about makes you just want to 'chill out' (I guess the fact that he lives in Hawaii must help!)

Oh and the movie Curious George was fun!


Sunday, 27 January 2008

Wow, it's been over 2 months since I was here!

Happy New Year everyone... hope you had a great Christmas and that the new year is going along just fine for you. Christmas was really nice, or should I say quiet, which is not usually the case in our household. As for the New year, so far so good. Actually I'd be lying if I say the last 2 months have been fine and dandy, as they haven't but as always when life sends you these trials, they really are to test you. I'm still a little wobbly but getting there nonetheless, don't worry I won't bore you with the details because whatever I might be going through, I know there are people going through much worst, so I just pull myself together and keep moving.
On a more positive note, I have lost quite a bit of weight, don't ask me how much as my little brother borrowed my scales and hasn't given them back and I really don't want to spend money on another one yet, so I rely on what people say and how my clothes hang on me.... it's been all good and yesterday I saw a photo of myself two months ago and nearly choked at the sight!
Businesswise, well in the 6 months I've been in Colchester, I have done very few cakes! I have advertised and in the two places I put myself my telephone contact details were put down wrong. One was my fault (so unlike me as I tend to be very good at double checking details) and the other error was down to the magazine, they put down my details wrong. At times like these you look up to the skies and say is this some kind of a 'sign'. Well I certainly think so, I am now looking into taking the business into a different direction and I pray this does work, I have started to make enquiries and will be meeting up with a business advisor soon to run the plans by him. In the meantime, I will still keep on making cakes for clients that know of me, but I won't be advertising anymore the old style of my business.
Oh and I have decided to go into teaching - the aim will be to teach science subjects in secondary schools. I pray that when it all falls into place I can get work part-time (as my little one is still quite young) and if the business goes to plan, I won't have to be hands on all the time with that...
So please have me in your prayers and any advice on how to get into teaching will be greatly appreciated. I have registered with TDA and details have been sent to me, but it is always confusing to know which way to train!
The few cakes shown are the ones I've done over the last 2 months... enjoy.