Thursday, 28 February 2008 more worrying

Well this is what I hope I'll be doing. I know I'm not alone when it comes to 'worrying' but it was only the other day that I realised how harmful it can be to us. You see we've just bought a new car (Over a month ago...) a lovely VW Passat estate. We all love the car especially as it's a far cry from the little old car we've had for the last 3 years! Anyhow, this new car uses Diesel. I was really worried initially that I would mistakenly fill it up with Petrol instead of Diesel. Put I had been good UNTIL last week. You see I had a lot on my mind and I was letting it get to me. I pull up at the petrol station and absentmindedly fill it up. I check the receipt many times just to ensure that the lady at the till used the money off vouchers I had given her. Did I notice anything else on the receipt NO!

The next day the car doesn't start properly... eventually it does and I drive it to the gym. I go about my daily stuff as usual, in short I must have driven the car in total about 20 miles. Luckily for me Hubby gets me to take the car back to the dealers to find out a couple of things we wanted to ask about the car. I mention to them that the car hasn't been starting properly, they try it and it DOESN'T START AT ALL. They ask me if I put Petrol in it instead of Diesel. I say a big fat NO, why would I do that (secretly thinking to myself that I wasn't really sure!) The guy asks if I had the receipt (I normally keep receipts for ages but I remember throwing this one away). They open up the fuel tank and smell it, saying it smells like Petrol and ask me to smell, I take a smell and say I really cannot tell, they bring me a bit of Diesel to smell to enable me to tell the difference... I sniffed and sniffed but couldn't tell the difference - I had sniffed so much that I started to get light headed LOL! The long and short of it was that it was Petrol in a Diesel tank! The dealers offered to get one of their mechanics to sort it out and I was to find out how it went the next day - they did warn me that it might be expensive. It had recently happened to someone and it cost £800 to sort out. I go home that day feeling very sorry for myself and wondering how I was going to break the news to Hubby! I even went on the internet to search similar situations - BIG MISTAKE! the number of horror stories out there, even down to changing a whole engine. Usually if you misfuel a car, it's best NOT to drive it...I did 20 miles remember!

Throughout that evening/night, I kept telling myself that if I hadn't worried so much I wouldn't have been so absentminded! I promised God that if he sorts it out so that there wasn't too much damage I'LL NEVER WORRY AGAIN! I kept thinking of a verse in the bible that goes kinda like this : who out of you from worrying can add an extra strand of hair to you head! And really, when you think about it what does the Worrying actually do for you apart from making you feel really terrible.

We got the car back, and it only cost us £120 pounds. So I have to stop worrying now, I did Promise! So how's it going - Not easy at all but I'm getting there & feeling much better for it ;-)

The cake above was made for a Man who loves his LABELS, it's a Hackett Poloshirt, looking like it's in a box with tissue paper around it. The lady who ordered if for her husband loved it. The photo doesn't even bring out the stitching effect I did and the shimmering effect around the cakeboard that I love doing. Hope you like it.

If you have access to SKY TV, one of my cakes will be on a show, as a give away prize for a lucky winner for MOTHER'S DAY. The show is on SKY channel 194 BEN TV 10am - 11am. It is called Princess Arize, presented by a lovely lady who has a GREAT heart for up and coming businesses. So don't forget Saturday 1st of March SKY channel 194.


(p.s, I fished out the very smelly and soggy receipt - It confirmed that I had bought PETROL)