Monday, 24 September 2007

Relocate, Relocate, relocate....

we've moved! Yes we finally did it, and have now moved to Colchester in Essex. Where we are within minutes to the massive and very popular 'Colchester Zoo', we can get to a beach within 30 minutes and even more beaches up the coast from there, our daughter can walk to school (NO MORE SCHOOL RUN yippee!), when I drive our little one to pre-school I've got to be careful not to run over any wild rabbit that frequently jump out of the fields onto the country lanes! I am sure you get the picture. Actually where we were living wasn't too urban really but over here things are a little more laid back... just a little!

Business wise, I now have to build up a whole new clientele... I still have had a couple of old clients that have placed orders, but I really need to get things moving from this end. I'm working on getting 2 adverts out into local publications that deliver to my surrounding area and luckily the costs won't break the bank. One goes to about 3,800 residents in the area, and the other goes to about 27,000 readers and is a free magazine for parents of kids age 0-16 and it has a 'Party Planners Section'. I am holding off going to or Yellow Pages for now as I want to be more specific at targeting customers.

I've been checking out competitors and now know that I have to be very careful in not being put into the same category as the ones I've seen so far.... Target customers for me will be up-market clients who are ready to pay for the creations I make. I know it won't be easy but it's all about making the right moves and taking ONE STEP AT A TIME. I have arranged an appointment with a local BusinessLink advisor for this week, hope he gives me some useful advise or point me in the right directions. Also, my good friend Omara recommended this book to me and I strongly recommend it to any 'Small - Medium Sized Business Owners' out there. It has been a best seller for a number of years and when you read it you will understand why...... it is called GETTING BUSINESS TO COME TO YOU by Paul and Sarah Edwards (& Laura Clampitt Douglas).

Catch you later with updates as to how things are going.

Till then I pray whatever you might be facing right now, that God makes a way for you, as I know he will do for me over here....