Thursday, 15 November 2007

...I survived the 11 cakes

So what were the 11 cakes, First there was the 4 tier wedding sponge cake that you can see above, the bride also wanted a fruit cake decorated so that she could keep it for her 1st year wedding aniversary, and since it was a big wedding, she requested 4 other large cutting cakes, (the cutting cakes are not elaborately decorated, as they are not on display) So that's 9 cakes in total.

I also made their 'Engagement Party cake' which comprised of a Champagne Bottle coming out of the middle of a cake, with the illusion that it was wrapped in fabric - that makes 10 cakes. (I was also asked to make a large fruit cake for her Mum!) There was a birthday cake which was requested by another lady whose wedding cake I had made earlier in the year... the party had a Black and White theme, hence the colours, that makes 11 cakes. All cakes apart from the fruit cakes were baked and decorated during the week - phew, and what a week that was. The week before all this I made a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for a lady who had come across my website but lives in North London - I sent her photos of cakes I had done but that were not up on my website and she loved them. She was gutted when I told her I had moved to Colchester as she really wanted one of my cakes (I was really touched by that!) luckily for us, her sister attends the University over here, so she picked up the cake for me and took it down to London.

For all of you out there thinking of business ideas but never getting round to implementing them, this is for you...

"while I at length debate and beat the bush, there shall step in other men and catch the bird" JOHN HEYWOOD - Taken from the book 'PASSING TIME IN THE Loo' vol 1

Catch you later....

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Annengineer said...

OMG, u make beautiful cakes..Wonderful! Keep up the good work!!!